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The impacts of Reiki energy and treatments are:

The Reiki treatment

The Reiki treatment comprises of putting your hands on your body in different ways. The light that flows through your hands will always have more vibration than the body. So to enhance your vibration and to heal specific ailments you require sitting down and allowing the hands on the body for the energy to go where required. Any ailment first seems as subtle in our fields of energy deficiency or an accumulation of entitles and evil energies, and only then is evil present in the physical body as the ailment itself. Therefore, during the treatment, the body is clean of negative energies and entitles and ready to restore the energy of the body. The treatment is best to be carried out 5-10 minutes for every position.

healing headache


The room should be purified with incense sticks or a perfume, announcing that it is about to carry out a Reiki treatment and entitles are requested to come to light to support, to carry out and guide the treatment. The practitioner washes their hands before commencing treatment. The positions of treatment can be done by balancing the chakras.

The fire stick comprises of energizing spine while cleaning the main energy channel. It is a hand holding the neck in the cervical and the other in the coccyx. It might be nearby, the entire column to clean the main meridian. Ultimately, thanks are given to the spiritual guides for assisting out and are suggested prayers of thanksgiving to God for assistance, gifts and for the light received.

Treatment in case of fracture

Before making treatment in case of a fracture, you should be mindful that the bones had to be placed properly if their wedding is crooked, and it is not desirable.

Animal Treatment

The Reiki treatments of animals follow the same principle as the treatment of a man, just adapted to various animals or situations. If it is a dog, the treatment starts from the head and ends at the tail. But how can you treat a fish? It’s easy! It can energize the water in which he lives, and can be remote treatment.

If an animal refuses the treatment, you shouldn’t insist, as they are more sensitive than us people when they require energy.

Energizing food and beverage

It is perfect for food and drink we eat regularly to be cleansed of evil energies and then energized. Reiki is very easy with this. It gives light food hands for 5-10 minutes. Cleaning of food is quite vital, as what we introduce into our body through the food causes personal cleanliness, vibration and health and protection against evil.


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