Reiki’s Natural Energy

Reiki's natural energy is everywhere around us. Learning to connect is giving space and time to what has gone before. Learning to loose connection with what was and what has been!

If we are trying to create a new situation…a new experience, then we cannot come at it from the same viewpoint as we did before. We must try and leave the old and create the new. What happens if we are not fully aware of our intentions…seeing things each day with a clear understanding will create harmony within ourselves.

We are taught that in order to help ourselves we must seek outside help…meaning, help outside of our own self…tuning into our own greatness will help us to gain an understanding deeper than what we will find from outside influences.

Reiki’s Natural Energy

Energy (Reiki) surrounds us…it is with us and all living things all of the time. It is not something we have to turn on and turn off…it just is! So by learning to listen to ourselves by tuning into our own environment, we will have access to its potential.

For people new to Reiki…it can sometimes be quite overwhelming. You may sometimes feel that you are stuck or you are not experiencing the correct feel or flow or maybe that you have not connected properly. The thing is…we need to think less and feel more…thinking only leads to more thinking…learning to feel more and think less…learning to view our inner wisdom rather than seeking to control the outer reasoning of why we are thinking and doing certain things will benefit us on a much deeper level.

Connecting to nature…feeling the energy that surrounds us…reading our own thoughts to see how this impacts our bodies…these small practices…if practiced for a few minutes each day, will have a profound impact on our Reiki and in our practice.

Article by Avril Jeggo, first published on Reiki Rays.

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