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I started to study and practice Reiki years ago. The reaction at that time I may say was interesting to stay on a positive note. During the following years, as my study and knowledge progressed, the advantages to myself and close family became quite apparent. No wonder I am obviously impressed with the progress it has made in respect to the acceptance and understanding of this lovely and strong healing modality.

Reiki, which is an old form of healing art, was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk, in 1920. He was an eminent scholar that did an unlimited research in the field of psychology, religion, spirituality and medicine.

So the story is, Dr. Usui had been to the top of Mt. Kurama in Japan in the year 1922 on a three week tour. While meditating at Mt. Kurama, he got a vision on the 21st day where he was declared as a healer himself in the old healing system. On his way back to home, he can understand he was in a position to heal the injuries of people, including his own with creative speed and perfection.

Therefore, he opened a clinic in Tokyo and treated several patients. He also trained many people in Reiki treatment. After the earthquake in Kanto in the year 1923, Reiki as a type of healing art had proved its worth. For his healing service, Dr. Usui was awarded by the Japanese government. During 1930s, a Hawaiian woman of Japanese origin known as Hawayo Takata developed Reiki in the USA. Takata herself gained immense advantage for her health issues when it comes to Reiki application.

After her personal healing experience, she started to learn, practice and then teach Reiki in Hawaii. She practiced Reiki healing for years till her death in 1980. Hence, Reiki spread to different other countries where Reiki clinics and Reiki masters played their part to offer healing touch for various diseases through this old system. Ultimately, Reiki gained acceptance, prominence and recognition being an old type of healing method. Although the Reiki treatments provided nowadays are slightly different from the old ones, still they are of the same type of healing of the spirit, body and mind. In a nutshell, Reiki heals at spiritual, emotional and physical level of a person.

The results coming through research are inspiring and have immensely enhanced the dependability and faith of the masses on Reiki as an optional type of treatment. You have to keep in mind the fact that the life force is based on energy and Reiki philosophy is based on energy only. Reiki has covered a long journey offering health and healing through Reiki healing online session. Reiki is becoming more extensively accepted in the present systems of Natural medicines, including acupuncture, homeopathic and allopathic.

We should take mindful note that the use of Reiki is important as a supplementary form of treatments and its popular use will make sure that Reiki unroll its essence, acceptance and prominence as a completely legit form of natural healing therapy that we offer.

History of Reiki Healing and How Reiki Works

History of Reiki healing

Dr. Usui

According to the official history of Reiki healing, Dr. Mikao Usui, the one that rediscovered and founded this healing method was born in a family that was practicing Zen Buddhism for eleven generations. After being close to death by disease Mikao had a spiritual experience that inspired him to study the ancient teachings of his family. He discovered some teachings about healing through the use of hands. Tokyo was struck by cholera epidemic at that time in the mid 1800s.

Mikao Usui decided to learn the art of this teaching. Although he knew the technical aspects of the practice he needed to gain the wisdom required to be able to learn and teach.After 21 days of fasting, reading, prayer and meditation on top of the mountain he asked to God to show him the light. He was then struck unconscious by a ray of light right on his forehead, on the Third Eye Chakra. When he regained consciousness he knew that he had found the key that he was looking for. As he proceeded down the mountain he cut his toe. He touched the toe with his hands and the pain and bleeding stopped.

After many Reiki healing sessions he decided to go to the slums of Kyoto and heal the beggars to get them working. After seven years he learnt that it is not enough to heal the body. The beggars did not started working saying that it is easier to beg. Mikao decided to retreat and meditate once more. This time he was enlightened with the Five Principles of Reiki. After that he spent his life teaching and developing Reiki. He tried to not attach any religious or dogmas to it so that anyone can have access to the healing power of Reiki.

What is Reiki

It is important to know that Reiki it is not just a tool for healing. Reiki will offer protection and transformation on all levels. Even if you want to do it only on yourself this will bring peace and balance into your life. If you use Reiki everyday to heal yourself it will become stronger and more profound. It is also believed that it can extend your life.

The forgotten Ki energy

According to to the history of Reiki healing, ancient cultures were aware of the Ki energy that harnesses our bodies and of every living being. Today we mostly forgot about it and we rely mostly on technology to help us when we are dealing with physical or emotional issues. The Ki energy needs to flow properly in and around are bodies if it is to maintain a stable and sound health. This energy flows through us since the moment we are conceived. Either you are aware of this gift or not everyone is and making use of it everyday.

When we were young our parents came and kiss and touch us when we hurt ourselves. We also use our hands to heal the pain by placing our hands on the sore spot. We unconsciously make use of this energy to heal ourselves. The Ki energy is referred as Chi in China, as Prana in India and in the western world is the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.

What weakens the Ki energy

The practice in itself originates even before Christ or Buddha. Because knowledge was transmitted through the word of mouth it is hard to tell how the practice was in the beginning. The name REIKI was given by the Mikao Usui when he rediscovered the practice in the mid 1800’s.

When we feel negative emotions such as stress the flow of energy is blocked. When the Ki life energies are low we are more proned to sickness and disease. Ki energy is neither good or bad. It is the source of all life carrying in the universe. Anyone can access this energy and release its healing benefits for others and for oneself through the Reiki practice.

How Reiki works

reiki healing headache

There are seven main energy centers in our bodies that control the flow of the life energy. These are called chakras and are like wheels that makes the Ki energy flow properly. When these chakras are blocked or unbalanced the energy flow is dilluted. The physical and the mental is affected negatively if this happens. Reiki is the practice that rebalances the chakras and makes the body and mind available to the Ki energy.

Just as we do not see radio waves with the naked eye, similarly the life force is not visible but we know it is available everywhere. Even though it is omnipresent we are not 100% being attuned to it. Because of the way we feel and think and what we put into our bodies most people only use 10%-20% of the life energy. The big benefit of Reiki is that once the patient receives healing the possibility of him healing again stays with him the entire life.

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