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We wish you a peaceful and loving ascension process.


Ascension is a change in frequency and a change in the focus of our consciousness. Ascension is about moving our consciousness from one reality to another. Since reality is a dimension and a timeline, what we are undertaking is essentially a full dimensional shift into another timeline. To go through this shift we must adjust our way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with our inner energetic core, our soul purpose and true divine essence.

Currently we are enduring a phase transition of expansion into the realms of experiencing higher consciousness as “multidimensional” human beings living on this planet. Humans now need to learn what being multidimensional means, and that many symptoms we are having are from becoming multidimensional humans.

This is the end of a human evolution cycle on planet earth, also known as the end of the Mayan Calendar, The End Times or the 2012 and beyond, time cycle. During this phase of the Ascension cycle, human beings will experience many varied degrees of physical, mental and emotional symptoms as we shift our cells into higher frequency patterns.

Without having a context for these changes our planet is undergoing, and how that impacts us in our personal lives, these symptoms can appear confusing and even frightening. Being informed of the larger events on planet is being empowered, making your personal ascension process and your life much easier. Instead of contributing to the escalating planetary confusion and chaos, one is able to bring peace and harmony to the self, thus, share that inner peace with others on the planet. This is the time when freedom and self-sovereignty is possible.

Every time a new high vibrating wave of energy comes in, it helps to shift our frequency. All this high vibrating light, floods in through our Crown chakra and then down through the chakra column, then disperses itself, all over the body! What every we are holding in the body that is contracted and unresolved (emotional issues), will come up, literally, for clearing. This energy can often end up in the head, so feeling congested, dizzy, head achy is possible etc. if that happens. This high frequency energy AFFECTS everyone to a certain degree, but even more so, for those whose ascension codes have fired and their clearing process has begun.

If you are on the planet, then you are part of the Ascension, tho you may not be moving through your Ascension clearing process YET. Ascension basically means to move or shift to a higher frequency. Many people’s Ascension codes will fire off, at some point in their life time. ( The Ascension process is coded into the DNA) The Ascension happens in waves and the codes often seem to fire, around the Solstice’s and Equinox’s times.

Once your Ascension codes fire, there is no getting off that train, unless you decide to cross over. There is a various degrees of ascension clearing that occur, some of it more intense than others and it depends on your personal Soul Journey on how that manifests its self. It does seems, ( This is just coming from my own experience on this) that there is a harder core clearing phrase that happens, and then once that is finished, ( 2-5 years) its moves into a gentler, much easier clearing phrase that can be done in minute instead of hours. This phrase seems to go on indefinitely and will vary form person and person.

Working on our own, it can difficult to sort out the progression, symptoms, lessons and levels we are experiencing on this incredible journey. You may be having trouble clearing your own field, integrating the energy shifts you’re experiencing – or you may be doing too much. You may be wanting some guidance to inform your experience.

If all this sounds right, then these sessions are for you. They are a combination of guidance and energetic clearing work that is completely personalized for who you are. The energetic clearing work and activation of your spiritual gifts provided in the Ascension Support Package include:

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We wish you a peaceful and loving ascension process.


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