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What is Reiki healing

Reiki Treatments – A Reiki treatment is useful for specific healing or general relaxation. Sex, age, condition and distance are of no concern as the client’s own body controls this energetic process. The Reiki Practitioner is just a channel for the universal healing energy, guiding it remotely to the client. During the treatment the body will only take the amount of energy that it requires. Remote Reiki healing is as efficient as in person sessions.

The system of Reiki is unique, which explains why it has become the model for many contemporary energetic forms of healing. Reiki is the energy that moves through your body, in fact Reiki practitioners understand that Reiki is the energy that moves through everything and is technically translated from the Japanese to mean ‘Spiritual Energy’. This energy is what is utilized within the system of Reiki teachings.

Whether you want to receive Reiki for energy level balancing, emotional trauma healing, or to develop yourself spiritually, Reiki can provide you with endless advantages. Here are several benefits of Reiki energy healing that may be of interest to you.

Remote Reiki Healing Session – 1h

1 hour remote session of Reiki energy healing provided by Reiki Montreal.

Promote Balance and Harmony

Reiki can be very effective in promoting overall wellness, as it takes a non-invasive approach to energy transfer. The body can restore balance across all systems of the spirit, body and mind through the energy transfer. This allows you to continue in a positive lifestyle as it creates more harmony.

Releases Tension and Relaxes the Body
A Reiki sessions provides relaxation and release the stress and tension of your day. The Reiki energy may make people feel lighter, relaxed, and peaceful, which allows them to reflect clearly on their lives and be in touch with their inner selves.

Balances The Spirit, Body, and Mind, and Removes Energy Blocks
Reiki treatment allows free flow of energy throughout the body. This enhances memory and learning and helps you to feel less stress. It promotes physical healing and mental clarity. Blocked in your body results in pain, anger, fear, and mood swings. Reiki can help clear these energy blocks.

Supports Immune System and Cleans Toxins from your Body
Reiki energy helps our bodies to go back into “self-healing” or “repair” state. Our bodies begin to cleanse of accumulated toxins and useless energies.

Improves Focus and Clears The Mind
Reiki energy helps you to stay in the present moment so the mind focuses on current events instead of worrying about the future or hold onto past mistakes. This will help go with the flow of life and promote positive reactions to people, circumstances, and situations.

Promotes Better Sleep
After a Reiki session you will always feel more relaxed. This helps your body to think more clearly, to heal better, and to sleep better. Many people who receive Reiki fall asleep during the session.

Promotes Emotional Cleaning and Spiritual Growth
Rather then affecting only the physical being, Reiki addresses the whole person — spirit, body, and mind. This makes it very helpful in elevating your mood and helping your spiritual growth.

Accelerates The Self-Healing Ability of your Body
Reiki energy helps your body to return to its natural state. Your circulation, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and other bodily systems will start working in an optimal way. Your body will start its self-healing process from within.

If you wish to experience the benefits of Reiki energy healing book an appointment for your session with Reiki Montreal. The live session will take place over Skype, Google Hangouts or the messenger app of your choice.


What is a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki healing sessions can be done in-person or remotely (at distance). Reiki is part of energy healing modalities based on the concept that the body is permeated by an energy field. This energy field also called life force or subtle energy can affect our well-being and health.

Known as prana in Ayurveda and qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can work with this energy to find healing and balance. When this energy is not flowing properly or is stuck, both mental and physical health conditions can manifest.

The goal of Reiki as an energy healing practice is to restore the balance of energy in our bodies in order to support physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It is possible to work with the body’s energy non-physically. That allows Reiki practitioners to perform energy healing sessions remotely.

What to expect from your session

Many Reiki practitioners are offering services online and this is especially useful in the context of the actual Covid pandemic. This is known as distant healing, distance healing, or remote healing. Reiki practitioners run their sessions in exactly the same way as a in-person session, except they’re over a messenger app, or phone.

In a remote Reiki session you’ll lie down at home, relax and be open to receive the healing energy. Since energy can be transported through space and time, it is possible to receive energy healing over a geographical distance.

In case of an in-person healing session, upon entering the treatment room you will first have a brief consultation with your Reiki practitioner. They will ask you some specific questions about your personal well being. These questions depend upon your reason of visit and might be; Do you sleep well? Do you currently have any pain? Do you want to focus on something specific during the treatment? etc…

The clearer you answer these questions, the better the practitioner will understand what kind of Reiki treatment to offer you as, due to an individual’s circumstances, each treatment is unique. A Reiki treatment is not a psychic session and therefore it is better to share with the practitioner what is going on with you before the physical Reiki treatment begins.

Your First Treatment

If this is your first treatment you will be asked to fill in a form with your personal details. These details are confidential and stored in a safe place.

There is no need to take off any clothes. It is, however, advisable to take off shoes and any items that might restrict you when laying down on the massage table. Once you are on the massage table, the practitioner will instruct you to take a couple of deep breaths in order to encourage your mind and body to relax. You are then asked to set your intent that you want to heal yourself and that you might receive whatever you may need for this healing to take place.

You can keep your eyes open, but most of the time it is better to keep your eyes closed as this helps you to stay more relaxed. The practitioner may also play some calming music to support you in finding a state of peace throughout the treatment. The practitioner will initially go into his or her own meditative space to support the process of being clear vehicle for the energy to flow through. The clearer the vehicle, the more energy that will flow through it and thus the deeper the healing.

It is you, the client, who does the actual healing and the practitioner is the facilitator for this. He might physically place hands on your body or work slightly off the body, this will depend upon the sensations he feels. The practitioner is not there to judge or diagnose but merely to stay open and calm so that the energy can do its work.

During the treatment you might feel some energetic sensations like heat, tingling, coldness and pulsating. Some people might have visions, see colors or hear things, while others feel nothing. It is not necessary to feel or see anything to experience the benefit of the treatment. These sensations are merely a by-product of the treatment. A lot of people fall asleep during a treatment – entering into a deep healing space.

Some people might also experience emotional or physical release which can manifest in crying, or pain, or even laughter. Again, this is perfectly normal as the energy is clearing old attachments, emotions and physical issues. Some clients might wish to know what these sensations mean, but, again there is no real place within the system of Reiki for diagnosing. These sensations signify that something is shifting within your own being for the benefit of your own healing.

After The Treatment

At the end of the treatment the practitioner might slowly massage your feet, ring a bell, or simply tell you that the treatment is finished and that you can slowly sit up. Take your time as sometimes you might feel a bit dizzy or disorientated due to having been in such a deep healing space. The practitioner will offer you some water so that you can slowly regain your balance. There is no rush, and the practitioner should allow you to regain your full balance before you go return to the busy world.

After the treatment the practitioner might talk with you about the treatment. At this time you can ask the practitioner any questions you may have about the treatment itself.

Be aware that the treatment doesn’t necessarily stop when the practitioner finishes the physical treatment – energy is still clearing and working. In fact, later in the day you might feel some emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues surfacing. This is perfectly normal after a Reiki treatment. Make sure you drink lots of water and if there is anything specific you want to talk about, contact your Reiki practitioner.

If you are looking for some serious healing to take place, you are advised to undertake several (3-10) one-hour sessions over consecutive days. If this is not possible then the next best option would be to have at least three treatments in one week.

Reiki Treatments

A Reiki treatment is approximately one-hour long and is useful for specific healing or general relaxation. It is useful to get a series of several Reiki treatment sessions (usually between 3 and 10). The Reiki treatment can be done in person or at distance.

In case of a typical in person Reiki treatment the client remains fully clothed at all times as the Reiki practitioner goes through a set healing process placing hands on, or just off, the body as agreed with the client prior to the treatment. Sex, age and condition are of no concern as the client’s own body controls this energetic process.

During the treatment the body will only take the amount of energy that it requires. A treatment is not intrusive and clients do not remove clothing and no private parts of the body are touched.


Reiki Courses

There are three levels of training within the system of Reiki.

Shoden Reiki Level I

The student receives the Level I Reiki attunement and a manual including:

  • Reiki meditations and techniques to strengthen and clear your energy are taught for personal benefit
  • Learning about the Japanese energetic system (the three diamonds)
  • Gaining a clearer understanding of the working of energy in your life and its benefits
  • Finding a spiritual connection to life helping you to feel happier and healthier
  • A method of healing the self and others using hand positions on or near the body

Okuden Reiki Level II

The student received the Level II Reiki attunement and a manual including:

  • Studying further Reiki meditations and techniques for moving deeper into your personal spiritual practice
  • Learn the three Reiki mantras and symbols and their relationships to the Japanese energetic system
  • How to treat others using a variety of Reiki methods

Shinpiden Reiki Level III
The student receives the Level III Reiki attunement and a manual including:

  • Further Reiki meditations and techniques for moving deeper into your personal spiritual practice
  • The fourth Reiki mantra and symbol and its relationship to Japanese cosmology

What is Reiki?

A Japanese healing technique for the self and others

The system of Reiki is unique, which explains why it has become the model for many contemporary energetic forms of healing. You can either experience a Reiki treatment or undertake a Reiki course. A course will teach you a spiritual practice and how to perform Reiki treatments. Comprising a simple structure of three levels for those wishing to learn it, after training at the first level it is possible to offer treatments to friends and family and begin your journey.

Once the second level is completed, and the practitioner has gained treatment experience, it is possible to begin treating clients professionally. The second course also takes you deeper into your personal spiritual journey. At the third level, students begin to train as teachers of the system while continuing their spiritual journey.

Reiki is the energy that moves through your body, in fact Reiki practitioners understand that Reiki is the energy that moves through everything and is technically translated from the Japanese to mean ‘Spiritual Energy’. This energy is what is utilized within the system of Reiki teachings.

Origins – The founder of the system of Reiki was a Japanese man called Mikao Usui (1865-1926).

The influences upon his teachings included his Japanese martial arts practice, Shintoism (the traditional Japanese folk religion), Japanese Buddhism (namely Tendai) and Shugendo (a spiritual mountain practice). Naturally, the Japanese culture and philosophy that was apparent during Mikao Usui’s lifetime was also a great influence upon what has developed as the system of Reiki.


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