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Reiki Attunement

A Reiki attunement is a sacred ceremony involving the intention to connect Spiritual, divine energy to personal energy. We like to think of a Reiki attunement as plugging into the sacred energy grid of the Universe. As we call upon our Reiki Guides and Masters, you are gently brought to a meditative, receptive state through which you become open to receive Reiki attunement energy.

Remote Reiki attunements utilize the same amazing and powerful blessings from Source. With your remote Reiki attunement you receive the same effective activation of your personal energy in order to use Reiki.

In order to enter the Reiki training or “attunement process” no prior education, training or experience is necessary.

Anyone can become a Reiki Master/practitioner and benefit from this spiritual practice. In the process of Reiki Attunement, the Reiki Master transfers the attunement energy and healing techniques to the student.

The three Reiki manuals provided will help you learn about:

  1. Spiritual Concepts
  2. The energies around the body
  3. How to work with healing energy
  4. The ethics of working with clients

Preparation for attunement may include meditation, avoiding alcohol and caffeine for a couple of days, and releasing negative emotions.

There are four Reiki levels of mastery. Those who reach Reiki level 2 can heal from a distance. Those who reach Master level can attune and teach others.

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Remote attunement to Reiki I, II and Master level, Reiki Master certification and home study course provided (including text manuals, slideshows, audio and video manuals).

Here are the three levels of training within the system of Reiki:

Shoden Reiki Level I

Reiki level I attunement plus receiving ongoing support including

  • Reiki meditations and techniques to strengthen and clear your energy are taught for personal benefit
  • Learning about the Japanese energetic system (the three diamonds)
  • Gaining a clearer understanding of the working of energy in your life and its benefits
  • Finding a spiritual connection to life helping you to feel happier and healthier
  • A method of healing the self and others using hand positions on or near the body

Okuden Reiki Level II

Reiki level II attunement plus extra training in professional Reiki treatments and receiving ongoing support including

  • Studying further Reiki meditations and techniques for moving deeper into your personal spiritual practice
  • Learn the three Reiki mantras and symbols and their relationships to the Japanese energetic system
  • How to treat others using a variety of Reiki methods

Shinpiden/Shihan Reiki Level III

Reiki level III (Master/Teacher) attunement plus receiving ongoing support as a professional Reiki teacher including

  • Further Reiki meditations and techniques for moving deeper into your personal spiritual practice
  • The fourth Reiki mantra and symbol and its relationship to Japanese cosmology



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