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Eight years ago, when I was among the first group of coaches chosen to be the charter group trained, I knew it would change my life, but couldn’t have imagined all the ways in which it would change for the good! And I had no idea how much joy I will experience as I was given the privilege to notice change and healing in the lives of others.

This healing system utilizes energy therapy to target unhealed cellular memory, restricting notions and painful, unresolved feelings. Though in my distant healing work with my clients, I utilize different kinds of healing methods, this system creates the foundation of that work and has changed the way I utilize every other methods I know.

It changed my life and the lives of everyone I can talk into trying it in those first weeks, and since then, many of the lives of my clients, who in our work together have become like a family to me! I utilize it every day and I am grateful I found out about it years ago.

What the Healing Does:

It attacks cellular memory
Energy healing techniques such as the Healing Codes heal at the cellular level. Fixing an intention for healing recognizes the target and puts in an energetic request to group together the unhealed memories, notions and feelings and present them for healing.

Healing methods such as the Healing Codes then remove the pain in every memory and heal and clear the associated notions and feelings so that the memory is no longer destructive and hence, can’t hurt you anymore.

  • It clears toxic energy from your energy field
    When we have experiences that frustrate or hurt or wound us in some other way, and we don’t heal them, that energy stays around in our energy field like an undesired companion. It impacts our chakras, our aura, and ultimately, impacts or regular experience.

    The only way to heal your problems is to recognize what should heal and get a way to heal if that works for you. Aromatherapy, meditation and other energy healing energy healing technique can be strong resources for healing!

    Reiki implies Universal Life Force energy. It is the energy that everyone and everything in this world is made up of. Reiki is the avatar of universal unconditional love.

    Reiki is hands on healing method. It is a very easy yet strong method that can be conveniently learned by everyone. Reiki heals the emotions and the body. By balancing them and propels health, happiness, long life and prosperity. Reiki heals by calming the mind and unwinding the body and thereby raising the life force of the recipient. Reiki heals the body and illuminates the mind. It is an excellent healing energy.
    The way in which Reiki healing technique is taught is different from the way other healing methods are taught. Reiki attunement energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki master. It is an intelligent energy that knows its purpose and path.

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